Yes, I would like to make a donation to help clear mines and save lives

Mines cause indescribable suffering day after day. But with your help our deminers can go into the minefields and remove hazardous explosives. Every mine deactivated makes people in former war zones safer – every mine deactivated takes us one step closer to a mine-free future.

Your donation means that,

  • land mines and cluster munitions can be cleared,
  • fields and farmland can be cultivated again,
  • school routes are made safe,
  • people in remote areas – especially children – can be taught what to do if they find a mine,
  • local deminers are employed safely and receive a fair wage.

Yes, I support the work of World Without Mines.

By making a donation, you are helping to improve the safety of those exposed to the dangers of mines every day. Thank you!