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Have you ever thought about writing a will too?

Writing a will in good time has numerous benefits: your affairs will be in order for your heirs, misunderstandings will be avoided, and, above all, you can decide yourself which people and causes you want to remember.

Your will - your decision

By making a beneficiary of our Foundation in your will, you are making a conscious decision to continue your commitment to a mine-free world beyond life. Your will helps to ensure that dangerous mines and explosive remnants of war are cleared before people become victims. It enables farmers to cultivate their fields again without fear of mine accidents, children to have safe routes to school again, and villagers to regain access to wells and important infrastructure.

Writing a will isn't that complicated.

Supporting a non-profit organisation in your will is easier than you might think. So that the will is valid, the legal entitlement of close relatives has to be taken into account alongside the formalities. Using the so-called free quota of assets, you can determine the amount yourself and do good even after you are gone.

An uncomplicated form of support in your will is a legacy (also called a bequest). With a legacy, you leave a fixed contribution or named material assets for an organisation which is particularly close to your heart. Alternatively, you can also leave behind a percentage proportion of your total assets to an organisation as a bequest.

With the free WILL GENERATOR you can create a PDF template for your will in just a few steps, free of charge and if you wish anonymously.

What we can offer you free of charge thanks to our partnership with Dein Adieu:

New Inheritance Law 2023

We have summarised the most important points of the new inheritance law for you:

  • On 1 January 2023, the new inheritance law will come into force.
  • The new provisions will apply to all estates of testators or decedents who die after 31 December 2022, regardless of the date of their will or inheritance contract.
  • The compulsory share of descendants will be reduced from 3/4 to 1/2 of the legal share of the inheritance.
  • The compulsory share of parents is abolished.
  • The compulsory share of the surviving spouse remains unchanged at 1/2 of the legal share of the inheritance. The same applies to registered partnerships.
  • The increase in the available quota (at least half of the estate) gives testators more room for manoeuvre in estate planning: for example, they can consider other persons or institutions as heirs or legatees.

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