Since 25 years we are striving for a minefree world!

To date, we have already cleared 65,000 explosive ordnance devices. But our goal is a world without mines!

We support projects in regions that are no longer headline news and operate where our means can achieve the greatest effect. Families and village communities regain safe access to their land and important resources thanks to our efforts. This reduces poverty and increases the chance of a better life.

Our work has an impact. All our projects significantly improve the social and economic situation of the affected population. We have participated in many projects in 14 countries since 1997. And we will carry on.

Impressions from our beginnings

Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Project in Mozambique

Project in Cambodia

The first newsletters

Commitment of founders (street campaign in Baar and demining in Azerbaijan)

Militia Prize and article in the magazine "Schweizer Familie"

Newsletter for a mine-free world

Our newsletter is sent out twice a year and updates you on our projects and how your donations are making a difference.

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