The Landmine Monitor 2019

Rising numbers of victims due to improvised mines

The Landmine Monitor was published for the 21th time. Each year it examines progress towards a mine-free world.

2018 was the fourth consecutive year of exceptionally high numbers of victims of landmines and explosive remnants of war. A total of 6,897 people were injured or killed. The number of victims was particularly high in current conflict regions such as Afghanistan, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Syria and Ukraine. The number of victims reached a sad record of 3,789 through improvised explosive traps.

The number of civilians was also again very high at 71 percent. 54 percent of them were children and adolescents. It is alarming that the proportion of children among mine victims has risen by 12 percent in the past two years. A shocking balance that shows how necessary it still is to clear mines.


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