The Landmine Monitor 2021

Exceptionally high numbers of casualties from landmines and explosive remnants of war were registered in 2020.

The Landmine Monitor reports on the global landmine and cluster munition problems and solutions. The reports refer to the past completed years; in this case, the monitor 2021 refers to the year 2020.

States Parties reported clearing nearly 146km² of land, with more than 135,000 antipersonnel mines destroyed. This represents a 6% decrease from the reported 156km² cleared and a 10% increase from the 122,270 mines destroyed in 2019. 

The report 2020 records high numbers of casualties caused by landmines and explosive remnants of war. This was mostly the result of increased armed conflict and contamination with mines of an improvised nature observed since 2015. At least 7,073 people were killed or injured in 54 countries and areas, with mines—including improvised types—responsible for the majority of all casualties (4,352, 62%). The 2020 total marks more than a 20% increase from the casualties recorded in 2019 (5,853) and is more than double the lowest annual recorded total (3,456 in 2013). At least half of the civilian victims were children.

Despite the Covid pandemic 33 donors contributed $565.2 million in support of mine action activities in 44 affected states and other areas, a similar level of support compared to 2019.

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