Missiles, shells, mines – the war in Ukraine leaves an dangerous legacy.

The threat of ERWs lie in wait throughout the war zone: unexploded ordnance range from small-calibre projectiles to 200-kilogram aerial bombs. In addition, abandoned frontline positions and army equipment may be littered with mines and booby traps. These legacies of war compound the humanitarian disaster and will continue to plague Ukraine for months and years to come.

This is a small sample of the war remains that have already been found in Ukraine.
An unexploded tail section of a 300mm rocket.

This is why our partner organisation The Halo Trust has launched a risk awareness campaign on social media. Ads on Facebook and Instagram warn people of the dangers and call on them to inform local emergency services if remnants of war are found. In just one month, the posts had been viewed 50 million times.

World Without Mines has supported The Halo Trust in realising and growing its campaign since the war started. Ads are also posted to TikTok and Twitter in neighbouring countries to warn refugees who may find explosive devices in the rubble of their homes and towns on their return.

A risk education video funded by WOM:

Reports on the use of cluster munitions

Video footage and photographs indicate that Russia has deployed internationally prohibited cluster munitions. Cluster bombs contain several hundred smaller submunitions that are ejected over a wide area. Up to 40 per cent of cluster munitions do not explode, but remain live and can be triggered with only the slightest touch.

Social media ads are used to inform people about the danger of explosive ordnance:

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