Our work has an impact. All our projects significantly improve the social and economic situation of the affected population. We have participated in many projects in 14 countries since 1997. And we will carry on.

During the first 20 years of our existence, we

  • Demined 10,549,355 square kilometres of land, the equivalent of 1,600 football pitches
  • Neutralised more than 50,000 explosive devices
  • Informed around 200,000 people about the risks posed by explosive devices

But mines and unexploded remnants of war continue to threaten humans and animals in many countries of the world. That is why we are active in regions where we can achieve the most with the means at our disposal: in remote areas plagued by poverty. 

This Laotian farmer can cultivate his field again


Cluster munition poses a deadly hazard for people living in Laos. WWM finances mine clearance and risk education projects.

More safety for Cambodia - through mine clearance and ordnance disposal


A child soldier as founder of a demining organisation, a mine victim working as a deminer: the face of hope in Cambodia.

Mine clearance in the north of Sri Lanka is making life safer.

Sri Lanka

WWM helps Sri Lanka to clear the minefields of the civil war and to make the country mine-free as soon as possible.

Women working as deminers for a mine-free Angola


In a remote part of Angola, women work as deminers for the future of their country and their families.

Protecting people in Southern Sudan from mine accidents through risk education.

South Sudan

South Sudan cannot find peace. Risk education is a top priority in war zones.



One of the world's densest mine belts can be found in Zimbabwe. But life is returning to normal in ever more villages thanks to WWM.



Mines are only one of many problems in the DR Congo. However, WWM has made life a little easier for thousands of people.


Completed projects

Since its foundation in 1997, WoM has successfully completed numerous projects. Here you will find a selection.


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