Digital Risk Education with Shadow Puppet Theatre

Project duration: August 2021 - July 2022

Since 2013, the number of mine victims worldwide has doubled, and children are involved in 50 per cent of all mine accidents involving civilians. Unfortunately, since the start of the covid pandemic, traditional direct risk education has become severely limited or even impossible in many countries. Innovative approaches are therefore needed, and dissemination through digital channels can reach many more people than previous physical meetings.

The project

World Without Mines is launching a new risk education project for children this year. In cooperation with MAG (Mine Advisory Group), we are realising four online videos that inform about the dangers of explosive ordnance in the style of a shadow puppet theatre. All too often, children want to play with found mines or other explosive devices - a topic we will specifically address in our videos.

The videos can be used in different regional contexts, as the videos are produced in a gender-neutral, religion- and region-independent way. Digital campaigns are trendy and their importance will increase in the future. In a first phase, an estimated two million children and adults in Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and Vietnam will be informed about how to recognise mines and other explosive ordnance and how to avoid accidents.

With this project, we want to contribute even more to prevent accidents and save lives.


Here are a few insights of the preparations for the video shoot:

MAG Schattenpuppentheater_Vorbereitungen1
MAG Schattenpuppentheater_Vorbereitungen2

Pictures: MAG

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