Risk education | Project duration: since 2024

The conflict in north-eastern Nigeria - between non-state armed groups, including Boko Haram, and the Nigerian armed forces - has triggered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Over eight million people, including around five million children, are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, particularly in Borno state. Boko Haram occupied most of this state in 2014-2015. Although the Nigerian armed forces were able to recapture large parts, extensive areas are still being fought over. Many villages have been destroyed and a lot of people displaced. As a result of the fighting, large areas of the region are contaminated with deadly explosive devices. Boko Haram has also used improvised landmines.

The project

WWM has been working with the Mines Advisory Group MAG since 2024. Unfortunately, mine clearance is not yet possible due to the unstable security situation. MAG therefore conducts risk education courses. Specialized, locally recruited, gender-balanced and mobile community liaison teams are used for this purpose. They also use puppets, songs and dances to better reach the children. Due to increasing volatility, on-site outreach events are not always possible. Therefore, MAG delivers life-saving messages via digital media platforms and social media to people living in remote areas contaminated with ordnance. This is also where the shadow puppet videos financed by WWM are used.

Risk education on site in the province of Borno
Digital risk education with the WWM-shadow puppet videos
Songs and theater as methods for risk education
Children love the creative, interactive methods

Pictures: MAG


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