Mineclearance | Project duration: 2005 - 2019

Bosnia-Herzegovina is considered to be the European country with the highest contamination from explosive remnants of war. Although the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992-1995) dates back a long time, the consequences are still noticeable. The remnants of war prevent the use of agricultural areas that would be enormously important for the further socio-economic development of the country.

The Project

World without Mines has been active for many years in the municipality Donji Vakuf and the implemented mine action activities had an substantial effect to the further socio-economic development in the community. Since 2017 WwM has been implementing mine action projects in the area of Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje. We support the clearance of 2 to 3 minefields per year. All projects are selected, coordinated and monitored in cooperation with the national Mine Action Centre (BHMAC). The focus here is on demining areas that are essential for meeting the needs of the affected population, e.g. farmland.

Furthermore, mine risk education activities are organised for selected target groups.

For example: Adnan Islamovic, a deminer employed at «Pazi mine Vitez»

«Dealing with the omnipresent danger is actually very difficult, as a deminer and as a resident, too. Indeed, my work is highly dangerous. But I like what I am doing and I believe it is my duty to free my homeland of mines. I want my kids and all children to have the chance for a better life.

After the war, Donji Vakuf was a place still heavily contaminated by mines, much more than today, and a large number of accidents happened, affecting particularly children. We have to put this to an end! That is why I have been working as a deminer for many years, and I am happy about every piece of land we can release and hand over to the residents. Each square metre of ground that has been cleared of mines means more safety, a new piece of released land and thus a new source of revenue. This helps to secure our living in Donji Vakuf and provides for a better future, for all of us.»

Our achievements

Every year, the demining of mines can release around 100,000-200,000 square metres of valuable agricultural land for safe use. 

Results 2018

44 anti-personnel mines, 12 tank mines and 11 other explosive remnants of war have been removed.

Around 104 049 square metres of land have been cleared. This area can be used for agriculture again and contributes to improved income and food security.

Around 500 young people and adults have been made aware of the problem of mines through events or media reports.

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