SMART System for Mine Detection Dogs

Dogs are able to smell explosives from a distance of several metres, even if they are 30 centimetres below the ground. But to allow the dog and its handler to work, the ground had to be cleared of
vegetation and divided into small sections. The dogs also had to be kept on a lead.

The Project:

The SMART dog harness, proposes an entirely new methodology that will permit more effective deployment and use of MDD in technical survey, using free-running operating dogs. The specially developed portable systems include a camera, a GPS and a WiFi system and are strapped around the dog like a rucksack. The dog handler monitors all the dog’s movements on
a smartphone and registers where the dog indicates it has found a mine. The dogs are never exposed to danger during mine detection, as their weight is too low to cause mines to detonate.

Ideally, the implementation of the SMART systems could make mine detection up to 50 percent cheaper. 


Cooperation between three Swiss organisations

The SMART system represents Swiss innovation. It has been developed by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) in collaboration with Digger DTR in Tavannes. World Without Mines is impressed with the efficiency of the GPS technology and is supporting the first SMART systems.


Pictures: Copyright@Johannes Müller

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