The ICBL (International Campaign to Ban Landmines) is a network of 1,200 NPOs from 60 countries working to raise global consciousness of the problem of mines. The Landmine Monitor, published annually, contains documentation on the implementation of the Ottawa Convention, broken down by country and kept as comprehensive as possible.
Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD): The GICHD has been commissioned by the states parties to the Ottawa Convention with researching, offering operational support, and assisting in implementation of the Convention. With the short film "Heart and Minds" GICHD won gold at 29th International Wirtschaftsfilmtage:
E-Mine Electronic Mine Information Network
The Mine Action Information Center at James Madison University provides excellent documentation and reports on individual countries.
International demining standards
Information on Cluster Munition
Aims to get rebel groups to sign the Ottawa Convention
International Committee of the Red Cross, see under Focus/Landmines
A foundation that develops and manufactures demining machines

Swiss NPO which provides mine victims with prosthetic devices, trains prosthetics manufacturers and supports the ban on anti-personnel mines
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD): Swiss demining organisation
Handicap International: help for those wounded in war and by mines

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