Anti-personnel mines are internationally condemned. Nonetheless, many thousands of people are mutilated or killed by mine explosions every year. Clearing mines to prepare the ground for a life in safety – that is at the heart of what we do.

Every deactivated landmine means one life saved.

Thousands of mines are laid during war and conflicts, with an ever greater number aimed specifically at civilians. Unexploded cluster munition and other explosive ordnance are simply left behind. Millions of people live in fear of explosions every day and are continuously reminded of the horrors of war. Mined areas are ruled by poverty, hunger and rural exodus – healthy development is impossible in the affected regions.

  • We clear minefields. Our teams locate mines and unexploded remnants of war; they map, mark and clear mined areas
  • We sensitise the local population. We show schoolchildren and adults what mines look like, the damage they cause and what the population can do to protect themselves from the hazards posed by mines.
  • We inform the Swiss populace about the far-reaching consequences of mines and how they can help alleviate the hardship.

We support projects in regions that are no longer headline news and operate where our means can achieve the greatest effect. Families and village communities regain safe access to their land and important resources thanks to our efforts. This reduces poverty and increases the chance of a better life.


We choose our projects very carefully. You can gain an insight into our work here and see what your donation can achieve on location.


Mine clearance

Clearing mines creates living space: people regain access to land and resources – the basis of a better life.


Mine types

There are hundreds of different types of mine with only one thing in common: they are the cause of endless suffering. Get to know the most important types here.


Risk education

The civilians in affected areas should know how to recognise mines and avoid accidents – that is the aim of our risk education projects.


Newsletter for a mine-free world

Our newsletter is sent out twice a year and updates you on our projects and how your donations are making a difference.

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