The Swiss foundation World Without Mines utilises humanitarian mine action and sensitisation projects in its campaign to enable people to return to a life with no fear of mines.

Rolf Stocker - Co-President of the Board


"Mines and cluster munition are insidious weapons that continue to kill or maim uninvolved people, including many children, years after the war. As a former ICRC Coordinator for the Protection of Civilians, I remain committed to protecting these same children, women and men in various places around the world from the dangers and risks of widespread mines and other explosive remnants of war.

My experience as a humanitarian aid coordinator in various non-profit organizations and as a member of the Swiss Solidarity project commission I would now like to successfully contribute as President of World Without Mines."

Claudia Schwarzenbach - Co-President of the Board


"Peace and security are the foundations on which a country can develop. A stable peace requires work on reconstruction and reconciliation with the past and the elimination of explosive remnants of war. This is where Worl Without Mines comes in. As a member of the Foundation Board, I wish to support this work and thus make my contribution to peace, security and development."

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