The foundation board at WWM is made up of committed individuals from different professional sectors. All foundation board members carry out their work with dedication and without remuneration.

Claudine Bolay Zgraggen President of the Board and Founder


"In 1996 media coverage of the suffering inflicted by anti-personnel mines was impressive. To my astonishment, very few organisations were involved in clearing the mines. This motivated me to set up the World Without Mines Foundation in 1997. Our primary goal is to make people's lives safer."

Emanuel Christen Board Member and Founder

orthopedic specialist

"My work at the International Committee of the Red Cross taught me that my help is more than just a drop in the bucket. World Without Mines cannot help all those affected, but it can help many individuals. It is always important to alleviate suffering!"

Carol Hofer-Oechsle Board Member since 2003

local councillor

"After many years of experience in social areas, I would also like to work outside our borders for the protection and well-being of people. I would like to help ensure that children in current or former crisis areas have a chance to grow up at least physically unharmed/ in physical safety."

Christian Schmidt Board Member since 2011

freelance journalist

"I condemn any kind of weapons. Mines stand out stand out for being especially vicious devices. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can possibly resort to these means in order to fight another human being. As a member of the Board, I want to actively contribute to a world without mines."

Thomas Fluri Board Member since 2015

business economist

"A war usually ends at some point, but the explosive residues can prevent a society from leaving the past behind for a long time. By financing demining projects, World Without Mines gives affected people prospects for the future. As a business economist I support WoM especially in the area of finance."

Reto Nigg Board Member since 2016

business economist

"Landmines are a major obstacle for development in many regions of the world. Even generations that have not experienced the wars are affected by the problem. Landmines prevent the productive use of land and may, in the worst case, lead to loss of lives. Our foundation supports demining projects in affected areas that are not receiving much media attention and hence positively impacts the lives of the affected population. Together with World Without Mines I stand up for their protection."

Henriette Eppenberger Board Member since 2016

professional curator

"I already knew WoM from my work in the Peace Policy Department of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. As part of this work, I have supervised demining projects in southern Africa. I experienced that demining is one of the prerequisites for a lasting peace. That is why I am now committed to World Without Mines as a member of the Board."

Claudia Schwarzenbach Board Member since 2019

programme manager labour market integration of refugees

"Peace and security are the foundations on which a country can develop. A stable peace requires work on reconstruction and reconciliation with the past and the elimination of explosive remnants of war. This is where Worl Without Mines comes in. As a member of the Foundation Board, I wish to support this work and thus make my contribution to peace, security and development."

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