World Without Mines is an independent Swiss foundation that works for a mine-free world. We are committed to ensuring that affected people can live free from the fear of mines and in safety. The two main pillars of our work are the clearance of anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war and prevention through awareness-raising among the population.

As a small organization, we support projects in areas that have fallen out of the headlines, where other organizations are not yet or no longer active and where our funds have the greatest impact.

In our projects, we work with local and international partner organizations. We finance manageable projects and review them regularly.

We focus on cooperation, are internationally networked in our work and align ourselves with international safety and quality standards in humanitarian demining.

We carry out targeted fundraising for our projects and raise awareness about the mine problem.

22 November 2023

Newsletter for a mine-free world

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