Our annual report 2021

We are very happy that we were able to continue all our projects and achieve our goals in 2021 despite the pandemic. Last year, we continued to work at full speed, especially in areas that have fallen out of the headlines. In Zimbabwe, for example, we were able to celebrate the first mine-free district since the war in the 1970s, to which our demining team also made a major contribution.

Despite all the success, the number of mine victims worldwide is increasing and, looking at today's world events, the number unfortunately does not seem to be decreasing in the near future.

Clearing minefields is a long and costly process, so in addition to finding and removing mines, it is important to us to inform the population about the dangers and how to deal with mines correctly. For this reason, we have launched a new digital risk education project in 2021. Through digital means, we can reach many people - and especially children and young people - directly and with little effort.

We at World without Mines are motivated to continue working for a world without mines. Your solidarity shows us that this vision is shared by many people and makes a significant contribution to achieving this goal.

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