The Landmine Monitor 2022

Landmine ban 25 years on: Humanitarian success marred by new use in Ukraine and Myanmar - seventh consecutive year of high casualty numbers

The Landmine Monitor reports on the global landmine and cluster munition problems and solutions. The reports refer to the past completed years; in this case, the monitor 2022 refers to the year 2021.

Cascading global crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, and armed conflicts, combined with a reduction in humanitarian aid budgets, are further exacerbating obstacles in living up to the treaty’s promises.

During the reporting period from mid-2021 to mid-October 2022 new use of antipersonnel mines by Myanmar and Russia have been confirmed, which are not party to the Mine Ban Treaty. Russia for example has used antipersonnel mines numerous times in Ukraine since it invaded the country on 24 February 2022. This has resulted in an unprecedented situation, in which a country that is not party to the Mine Ban Treaty is using the weapon on the territory of a State Party.

At least 5,544 people were injured or killed in 2021. Civilians represented most of the victims recorded, half of whom were children.

States Parties reported clearance of at least 132.52km² of contaminated land and the destruction of more than 117,000 antipersonnel mines in 2021. In comparison, 146.04km² was reported cleared and some 135,000 mines were destroyed in 2020.

Risk education to populations affected by antipersonnel mine contamination was conducted in at least 30 States Parties in 2021.

Twenty-three States Parties have deadlines to meet their Article 5 clearance obligations before or no later than 2025, while nine States Parties have deadlines after 2025. Very few appear on track to meet these deadlines. Only Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe appear to be on target to meet their clearance deadlines.

In 2021, global support for mine action decreased by 7% (US$44.6 million), with donors and affected states contributing a total of $598.9 million in international and national support for mine action.

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